Where to Start

There is no "here is what you must do" program. There is just continuous improvement from where you are!


In the spirit of staying in congruence with laws and regulations, we on purpose, do not specifically include information regarding what anyone "should do" regarding their health concerns. What we do offer are some product suggestions that you can take to your health expert when deciding in what direction you might want to go. We hope you intuitively understand this message and are easily able to find some of what you are looking for.

Generally Speaking

Cleansing and detoxification is the place most people start. We all have to breathe and eat and most of the time we cannot see the exhaust fumes, factory run off, coal dust, pesticides, chem trails, chemicals in water, radiation in devices we use, lead in paint and so forth. We offer products to address many of these toxins that we consider helpful. The body will often feel better just from cleansing as it can take the load off the immune system and other organs. Choose whatever feels like a good place to start for your situation and share this with your health expert practitioner prior to detoxification especially if you are taking medications.

Please click here for our list of products that support the body's natural detoxification pathways and processes.

For our list of blood cleansing products, please click here.

There is no one product that cleanses the entire body. Some of the detoxification/cleansing products can be taken at the same time. However if you tend towards digestive distress chat with your practitioner first. For those who have an easier time with cleansing start with one product and after a few days add in the next one. Honor the body and ease into the cleansing.


Next Steps? Ideas For What To Do Other Than Cleansing