Where to Start


There is no "here is what you must do" program.

There is just continuous improvement from where you are.

All that matters is you feeling better. I went from a very chronically ill body to feeling vibrantly alive - one step at a time. I was frightened, angry and uncertain a lot of the time, but eventually things worked their way out because I stayed focused on my desire to feel better. Everyone is different. Some have mild symptoms and others have much more intense or chronic issues (such as how I was 14 years ago) - and then there are those who would like to take some preventative measures. With that said, where does one start?


In the spirit of staying in congruence with laws and regulations, we on purpose, do not specifically include information regarding what anyone "should do" regarding their health concerns. What we do offer are some product suggestions that you can take to your health expert when deciding in what direction you might want to go. We hope you intuitively understand this message and are easily able to find some of what you are looking for.

Generally Speaking

Cleansing and detoxification is the place most people start.
We all have to breathe and eat and most of the time we cannot see the exhaust fumes, factory run off, coal dust, pesticides, chem trails, chemicals in water, radiation in devices we use, lead in paint and so forth. We offer products to address many of these toxins that I personally found helpful. The body will often feel better just from cleansing as it can take the load off the immune system and other organs. Choose whatever feels like a good place to start for your situation and share this with your health expert practitioner prior to detoxification especially if you are taking medications.

** Toxins - Red Desert clay for binding to and removing all kinds of unwanted pathogens i.e. mercury, heavy metals, pesticides/herbicides, a host of different chemicals, and some unfriendly bacteria's. This clay also leaves behind many, many minerals our bodies need such as naturally occurring silica which is helpful for moving calcium into the bones.

**VelociTEA cleansing and detoxification for the digestive system
Cleansing the colon, kidneys, liver and gall bladder
Eliminates parasites and their eggs.
Helps bowel function, dry skin, lowers cholesterol
Assists in bringing hormones back in balance... and much more.

**Zetox - Liquid zeolite
Scavenges throughout the body
Trapping pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and other toxins
Allergies - Has the ability to remove some environmental allergens it comes in contact with
Binds to Depleted Uranium, traps PCB’s
Binds to mycotoxins and some fungi
Super absorption

** Eliminating YEAST - and Replacing the Beneficial Flora
Practitioners blend for
Eliminating the excess yeast systemically
re-establishing the beneficial flora.

** Scram_Parasite_Cleanse_Supplement -
To support the removal of adult parasites and their eggs.
Remove dead pathogen carcasses produced during the elimination process
Removal of the excrement secreted by parasites which are toxic poisons that weaken our immune System.
Increase liver support from milk thistle and chanca piedra to help the liver deal with the toxic burden created by parasites.
Increase Enzyme support to digest food - which assists the body's absorption of food into the bloodstream - this helps to eliminate feeding those critters in the intestines.

** Neprinol/Blood Cleanser - Roto rooter for breaking down and eliminating debris in the blood; opening up tiny capillaries so nutrients can reach into those areas,     unclumping platelets, breaking down fibrin, food particles, and arterial plaque, etc.

** LiverMax -
Liver detoxification
4 weeks gentle, liver cleanse
Minerals, herbs and amino acids that support liver detoxification

** Anti-Oxidant Extreme
Potent and extremely beneficial
Neutralizes free radicals
Powerful antioxidants that are water and fat soluble
Reduces oxidative stress

**Alkaline Water - pH Water Booster Always drink lots of good quality water. There is nothing that replaces good water for hydration and for flushing the liver, kidneys and digestive tract.  If you want more alkaline water, there is PH Booster one can add to each glass of drinking water to bring the pH up to 9.5.

There is no one product that cleanses the entire body. Some of the detoxification / cleansing products can be taken at the same time. However if you tend towards digestive distress chat with your practitioner first. For those who have an easier time with cleansing start with one product and after a few days add in the next one. Honor the body and ease into the cleansing.

When I personally started my detoxification regime in 2002, I did this as fast as I could, taking many products at once (as my diagnoses felt urgent). The first 6 weeks was major cleansing whereby I found myself living between the bed, bathroom and the sofa clearing out an abundance of yeast, excess cancer cells and free radicals, unfriendly bacteria, heavy metals and a host of other pathogens - downing supplements and green drinks for 16 hours a day. If this were today, I would allow myself to go slower and be more in the flow of going easy with myself; but in those days I was a "nose to the grindstone" person.

However, in 6 months I was feeling better and stronger and able to work at a job and all continued to improve over time. Not everyone is in the ditch as far as I was, so just follow whatever feels like a good place for you to start and see a practitioner if you have diagnoses or are on medications that might contradict with detoxification products.

The different cleanses we offer remove unwanted toxins and pathogens from the body tissues, however we are not practitioners and do not know what any one person needs for their individual situation.


Next Steps? Ideas For What To Do Other Than Cleansing