Red Desert Edible Clay ~ Replaced by Red Desert Clay for Pets

Red Desert Edible Clay ~ Replaced by Red Desert Clay for Pets

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** THE CLAY OF CHOICE for adults, children and pets **

Scavenges toxins

Red Desert® clay is a calcium montmorillonite for detoxification of many pathogens such as chemicals, unhealthy food substances (see below) and other toxins. It also brings in an array of minerals such as silica for supporting bones. Most of the Red Desert® clay particles are between 2 and 3 microns in size. A hair on your head is approximately 50 to 75 microns in diameter. These tiny, tiny particles (straight from Mother Nature) are designed to enter into the bloodstream and reach our cells to remove toxins, unfriendly bacteria and to assist in strengthening bones.

The very high negative electrical charge due to the arid, dry desert conditions is very grounding for the cells of the body.

  • Can bind to toxins taken in from daily living.
  • Can Help Increase Bone Strength - Rich in naturally occurring silica 55.3%, which helps to move calcium into the bones. Be sure to take magnesium every day to break the calcium down for assimilation.
  • Periodontal Issues - Dental Pockets in Gumline - Helpful for removing the unfriendly bacteria. No more deep cleanings.
  • Bacteria - Has been shown to bind to unfriendly bacteria causing infections such as flesh eating bacteria.
  • pH is 8.3 - helpful for alkalizing the body
  • Has dissolved cysts
  • Minerals - Contains over 60 naturally occurring minerals for the body

GANGLION CYST? Information for dissolving ganglion cyst here >>>

Simple to use ~

Put clay powder in a glass of water. Mixing with warmer water allows the clay to mix without clumping. Stir with a wooden spoon or chopstick then drink. Do not use metal utensils as they usually contain tin, nickel, aluminum etc. We want Red Desert clay to move into the body and bind to any excess metals that may have accumulated in our tissues.

TEETH / Dental Pockets ~ Red Desert® Clay

You can also dip a wet toothbrush into moist clay after flossing - and brush teeth - unfriendly bacteria in the gum line will attach to the clay and pocket depth often reduces.


TWO POUND JAR OF CLAY, Lasts About Three Months When Using two Rounded Teaspoons Per Day.

Powder - Average dosage is 1 rounded tsp in am, 1 rounded tsp in pm. Mix with water and drink. If there is clay left at the bottom of the glass, just add more water and drink. It does not matter if you let the clay sit in the glass to drink later, or drink it right away.(Start with less, if you are sensitive.)

Facial ~ Facial / Masks - A clay masque is a wonderful deep cleansing solution to remove bacteria, toxins, excess acid etc. from the skin. It has an astringent action as well as a toning affect and leaves the skin soft while opening pores and removing dead skin cells. Since clay has an antibacterial as well as an antiseptic action, it will stop the growth of bacteria. Take a couple of teaspoons of Red Desert® clay powder, mix with a little water (butter consistency). Spread on your face and neck 15 to 20 minutes before getting in the shower. Rinse off and notice how strong and effective the clay is, bringing the blood to the skin surface, which is very nourishing. Red Desert® Clay also tightens the pores and tones the skin.

Constipation or sluggish bowels? Often adding magnesium powder to your regime in the evening (or any other time during the day) will make a big difference. Natural Calm powder is available here.

More Detailed Information about Red Desert clay
Bentonite Clay - compare with Red Desert® clay


Side Note: I went to the Casa in Abadiania Brazil a few times in 2012. A long story shorter - I personally asked John of God about the blest crystals I purchased from his CASA. My specific question was: if I placed the crystals in my warehouse around the clay would some of the healing frequencies from the crystals be helpful to my customers desiring healing. He said "yes; but you only need one crystal. You do not need many crystals. One crystal will be sufficient for all the clay in the building."

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