Red Desert Bathing Clay

Red Desert Bathing Clay

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*** Red Desert Pet Clay -can be substituted for Bath Clay ***

Red Desert® Bathing Clay -

Used for detoxification baths and packs

Radiation….Mercury…..Pesticides....Aluminum….Arsenic…. Nicotine....Copper….Chemicals....Bacteria…..Environmental pollutants….and many other pathogens

It is WELL KNOWN known that clay absorbs radiation - In Russia, before putting on their radiation suits, scientists who worked with nuclear material would coat their entire bodies with a clay magma.

Because of its excellent drawing effect, Red Desert® Bathing Clay has the power to pull positively charged toxins safely, effectively and inexpensively, out through the pores of the skin. The ionic charge (pulling power) is quite high whereby toxins are powerfully drawn and stuck to the clay particles and removed from the body.

Red Desert® Bathing Clay can also be used effectively for poultices, facial, masks, buruli ulcers, spider / insect bites - by making a clay mixture with water and applying to the skin; allowing to dry; and showering off. OR you can apply a very thin cloth to the skin first and apply the poultice.

Skin Cancer spots ~ Years ago I had two basal skin cancer spots surgically removed. This left scars. Years later when other spots appeared, I decided to take some thick clay mud and put it on these spots. I did this every day for maybe two weeks, and the spots just cleared up. Something to consider, but do check with your practitioner as this is not to substitute for their advice.

**This clay has zero expiration date.

5 lb Bag Powder - Good for approximately 11 baths when using 1 cup per bath.

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