Red Desert Clay for All Pets

Red Desert Clay for All Pets

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For ~ Dogs - Cats - Birds - Horses - Fish - Reptiles - Pot belly pigs

Wonderful Nutrients for Your Pet

Binds to toxins, chemicals and strengthens Immune System
Diarrhea or Loose Bowels an Issue?
Does your pet have internal parasites and fleas?
Does your dog eat poop? or
Forage through the yard eating anything he can find outside?
Does your cat miss the litter box?
Does your Pet Have Foul Smelling Messes in the House?

Red Desert® clay works.   It is gentle yet quite effective. The beauty of this very specific clay is:

  • Its ability to move into the bloodstream quickly, binding to and absorbing toxins at the cellular level removing such things as unfriendly bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals, poisons, preservatives and many other pathogens.
  • Gently and effectively slows down loose bowels.
What Else?

Red Desert clay leaves behind an array of nutrients to nourish your pet, straight from Mother Earth! These micronutrients and minerals move throughout the body and are bone and joint strengthening.

Customers who have used Red Desert® clay reported:

  • Stopped my dogs diarrhea in one day. I've tried so many things.
  • Excessive Scratching no more. My cat eats a raw food diet, but when neighbors start spraying and fertilizing lawns he scratches excessively. A little clay to each meal solved the issue by removing the allergens!
  • Parasites are no longer an issue.
  • My dog stopped eating cat poop! Hurray! I assume shes getting minerals she needed?
  • Her fur is now so soft and I love running my fingers down her back and scratching her ears.
  • My dogs breath is now pleasant and I don't mind those licks and kisses.
  • No more cleaning up messes around the house.
  • My dogs tumors from fatty tissue growths disappeared.
  • No more deep cleanings since I brush her teeth with the clay mud.
  • She is more energetic and playful and feeling better, since we added the clay to her meals. I new she needed some detoxification.

Red Desert® clay is a wonderful daily detoxifier and IS VERY DIFFERENT than bentonite. The particles of this specific clay are so tiny allowing for them to move easily into the bloodstream to the toxins we want to remove.

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Read Red Desert® Clay versus Betonite.



  • Fleas, Worms and Coccidia (poop eating)
  • Overall Detoxification
  • Diarrhea - Excellent for most cases of diarrhea
  • Remineralizing tissue with macro, micro, and trace elements needed for optimal health
  • Promotes Healthier Teeth and Gums
  • Shrinking some growth like tumors (such as some fatty tissue growths)
  • Remineralizing bones and strengthening joints
  • Can stop cribbing and colic in horses.

Fleas, Worms and Coccidia - Since this clay strengthens the immune system, it creates an internal environment that is very difficult for these types of parasites and worms to proliferate or survive. Two servings per day.
Fleas Some who have tried remedies for this issue, found that when their pets eat the Red Desert clay daily, the fleas no longer host on them! Even fur grows back on bare patches of skin.To further strengthen your pets overall body condition, consider feeding a raw food diet over kibble – one high in organ meats such as liver. The benefits are astounding !

Excessive Scratching - When animals are scratching too much, its very possible they are having an allergic reaction. This could be from their pet food or medications, however even if they have been eating a healthy diet, there is a good chance they are taking in toxins that are not obvious.
Every spring and fall, my daughter noticed her cat would start scratching excessively even though he is on a raw food diet. After adding the Red Desert® Clay for Animals to his food, all the scratching stopped. She finally figured out that Spring and Fall is the time of year her neighbors start fertilizing or spraying their lawns for weeds. Pets trot along the lovely lawn and then later sit and lick themselves – taking in the poisons.
On another note: picnic benches and retaining walls are often built from wood treated with arsenic. When it rains the chemicals/heavy metals in the wood leach out onto the lawn where the pets and children play. (Over time, these chemicals tend to bio-accumulate in the body.)
Whether your companion is a bird, horse, pot belly pig, dog or cat, Red Desert® Clay can help remove many of these excess toxins. Simply add to their food where it can go into the bloodstream and scavenge out these unwanted pathogens.

DIARRHEA and Red Desert® Clay - Excellent for most cases of diarrhea - working in the fist 24 hours! When added to each meal, more than 95% of pet owners happily reported that Red Desert clay very quickly firmed up the stool. At the same time it is binding to and removing toxins, while leaving behind good minerals. If your pets bowels are too loose, be sure their fluid intake is maintained, so dehydration does not occur. If your pet is dehydrated you can usually encourage him to drink using a syringe. If he is very dehydrated take him to the veterinarian immediately. Give clay to animals multiple times a day. You should see results in 1 to 2 days, if this is going to improve the diarrhea. Once they are doing well, just give a daily maintenance dosage. The minerals they receive will be beautiful and nourishing for their body in many ways. If your pet is on medications, check with your vet as the clay may bind to and remove the meds as well as other toxins.

Provides Essential Minerals and Macronutrients - There are nearly 60 naturally occurring nutrients in Red Desert® Clay including silica which helps move calcium into the bones. This clay also supports the joints. To further strengthen your pets overall body condition, consider slowly shifting them to more of a raw food diet over kibble. You might need some assistance if the GI tract is weak.

Coprophagia (dogs eating poop) - Coprophagia aka coccidia is - a parasitic type of infection and the technical term for stool eating . Definitely unpleasant for pet owners. There are numerous reasons why an animal would eat poop, from boredom to hunger; but they are generally trying to make up for some underlying medical condition or if their diet is insufficient in minerals. These are not the only reasons, so do check with your vet for analysis to rule out parasites, for example. Some pet owners who have added Red Desert® Clay to their dog or cats diet, found the problem to disappear likely because of naturally occuring minerals in this clay which they were seeking in other animals poop.

Promotes Healthier Teeth and Gums – Does your pet receive deep teeth cleanings? You can brush your pets teeth with the clay, as it will bind to unfriendly bacteria. Make thick mud and gently brush. Can also be applied to the gumline like a paste when there are mouth infections.

Bites, Stings, External Uses - Red Desert clay naturally draws toxins out of the body, even through the skin. Add enough water to the Red Desert® Clay to create a paste. Apply to the affected area, Before it completely dries, rinse off. This will bring the blood to the skin surface for healing and help remove toxic substances the insect has left behind.

Bones and Joints - In a study conducted by NASA back in the 1960's, this clay was fed to numerous animals including pigs, rats and mice. The results showed marked improvement in bone growth after several months of eating Red Desert® Clay because the bones were more mineralized.
“Silica, as found abundantly in Red Desert® Clay (55.3%) is necessary for the absorption of calcium into the bone tissue. Silica, commonly lacking in diets, is recognized to alter the configuration of the molecules, thus enabling calcium to enter the bone mass. This is most useful for re-calcification of the bone structure.”
Neva Jensen B.S., Nutritional consultant, lecturer.

Medications - If your pet is taking medications, check with your vet first to be sure this clay will not bind to and remove needed meds.

How Much To Give Your Pets
Add to each meal twice a day.

Best to use glass, or ceramic bowls when adding this clay to your pets food, as the clay binds to metals such as aluminum, lead, tin, nickel etc which are in metal feeding bowls and other utensils.

Yes! Your pet can eat this clay every day for maintenance.

CATS and DOGS and most other animals ~

Most pet owners simply add the clay to their pets meal or make a little thick mud like butter and allow their pet to lick the clay off their hand or spatula. Some people put the clay on their cats paw to make him lick it off! The goal is to ingest the clay in whatever way works best for you. If you add the clay to your pets drinking water, it will sink to the bottom of the bowl. (Once again, remember to use non-metal utensils - because utensils often contain aluminum, nickel, tin and other metals that the clay will bind to).

The following dosages are suggestions. The dosage doesn’t have to be perfect. Some like to feed their pets a little more than suggested, and others a little less. Follow your intuition, or ask your vet for guidance.

5 to 20 lbs - 1/8th to 1/4th level teaspoon
25 to 50 lbs - 1/4th to 1/2 level teaspoon
50 to 75 lbs - 1/2 to 3/4th level teaspoon.
100 lbs consider one teaspoon twice a day.


Sprinkle in their feed or as scratch, or in their water.

Caged Birds - You can make a ball of clay mixed with water, let it dry hard and put this inside the cage. The bird can peck at it whenever it intuitively knows it needs minerals.


Foals -- One heaping tablespoon of Red Desert® Clay sprinkled on their food AM and PM.

Adult horses -- Two heaping tablespoons of Red Desert® Clay AM and PM.

**This clay does not expire.

7oz jar is approximately 1 and 1/3rd cups of Red Desert clay, which is approximately 65 teaspoons.

2lb jar contains 250+ teaspoons, and a 4lb jar contains over 500 teaspoons of Red Desert Clay.

Ingredients: Calcium Montmorillonite - nothing added and nothing removed (Straight from Mother Earth).

Some information, at this product webpage.