Desiccated Liver, 120 capsules, 750 mg by Perfect Supplements

Desiccated Liver, 120 capsules, 750 mg by Perfect Supplements

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Product Details

Perfect Desiccated Liver - 100% pure grass fed liver powder.

The liver loves liver AND the liver loves to live!

Eating liver is incredibly nourishing, contains wonderful nutrients and is supportive when healing this organ. Don't overcook it - eat it as rare as one can stand it.

It is optimum to eat fresh raw liver; but for those who find this unpalatable, we have it in a convenient liver capsule form which is 2nd best!

What does Dessicated Liver mean?

Desiccated simply means dehydrated. Perfect Desiccated liver is free from chemical contamination and contains only 100% pure grass fed liver powder.

Benefits of Perfect Desiccated Liver Capsules 

  •  High content of All B Vitamins, including B12
  • Nutrient Dense Source of Naturally Occurring High Quality Protein
  • Highest Concentrated Source of Vitamin A Found in Nature
  • Potent Source of Folate (B9)
  • Highly Bioavailable Form of Iron
  • Good Source of Naturally Occurring Copper, Zinc, and Chromium
  • High Content of Cardio-Vascular Function Boosting CoQ10
  • Helps Repair DNA and RNA
  • Boosts Energy
  • Nutritional Information
  • 70% Protein by Weight
  • 2.8mg of Naturally Occurring Iron per Serving
  • 969 IU of Naturally Occurring Vitamin A per Serving
  • Suggested Use:

    One bottle of Perfect Desiccated Liver is equal to 12.7oz of fresh, raw, grass-fed beef liver. It is recommended taking 4 capsules of Perfect Desiccated Liver per day. One can take more or less, depending on individual needs. Perfect Desiccated Liver is sourced from healthy grass fed cows.


    ✔Free of pesticides and hormones

    Liver tablets or liver capsules are nutrient dense and very convenient! Perfect Desiccated Liver is obtained solely from healthy free range cattle that feed exclusively on rapidly growing green grass that sprouts from rich Argentinean soil. Perfect cows are raised entirely free of hormones and never come into contact with pesticides, fertilizers, or any other chemical substances.

    120 capsules - 750 mg per capsule