Candisol or Candisol + Probiotic Formulas

Candisol or Candisol + Probiotic Formulas

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Gentle, Yet Potent and Effective! 

Candisol is Potent, So ...START with ONE to TWO capsules in the a.m. and again in the p.m.

The key ingredients for breaking down YEAST throughout the body are contained in Candisol. Fungal organisms can reproduce only if their cell walls are intact. The enzymes in Candisol™ break down these cell walls. Candisol™ is a safe, effective and gentle approach to fungal overgrowth, and will not harm healthy intestinal flora.

  • Potent formula, practitioners blend. Starts working immediately
  • Works systemically throughout the body to break down both processed and natural carbohydrates
  • Safe, effective and gentle approach to fungal overgrowth
  • Will not harm healthy intestinal flora

Suggested use by the manufacturer: With a glass of water take two or more capsules on an empty stomach twice a day. This means take when you haven't eaten for two hours AND won't eat again for another hour.

Some practitioners suggest higher dosages such as 4 capsules multiple times a day - so do check with your health expert for the optimum dosage for you. If you are sensitive start slow. Always take on an empty stomach, so the enzymes will digest the yeast, not your food. Children: ½ capsule twice daily for each 40lbs of body weight.

Candisol provides the most potent blend of plant based, fiber digesting enzymes available for those dealing with candida. The enzymes in Candisol have been proven in clinical trials. It starts working immediately.

Parasitic and fungal organisms can flourish only as long as their cell walls remain intact. The enzymes in Candisol break down these cell walls, and thus help eliminate yeasts and other fungi in the body. Candisol works gently, rarely causes "die off" reaction, and will not harm healthy intestinal flora. If you have sensitive digestion, start with ONE capsule, increasing as you can.


IMPORTANT NOTE: It is highly suggested to use a good probiotic with Candisol to quickly restore the intestinal flora where the yeast overgrowth starts.

PB Probiotics, by Bairn Biologics, are formulated to provide double the active cultures per capsule than what you see on the label at the time of manufacture. This means there are 70 billion active cultures in the PB 15/35 at the time of manufacture. We keep them refrigerated prior to shipping so they will arrive potent to you! We personally carry and use PB formula probiotics - Syntol is another popular brand.

Because yeast cannot change the structure of its cell wall, it cannot become resistant to CANDISOL enzymes. These specific enzymes do not stimulate the yeast to release toxins and do not trigger a die-off reaction. In short, you won't have to feel worse before you feel better. Best of all, fiber digesting enzymes are completely safe.

Potency - Candifense and Candisol do the same thing. However, the Candifense owner wanted to create her own label so she slightly increased the potency over Candisol for a higher priced product. Either product will work very well.

This specific combination of Enzymes contains:

Supplement Facts 

How Long should I use Candisol? This is a good question, however there is no “one size fits all” with candida. Always discuss this with your doctor. The longer you have had a persistant problem, the longer you will likely need to use products, as well as keep the diet cleaner. With Candisol, when you are feeling better talk to your doctor about when to cut back to 3 capsules a day, then 2 a day and finally to one a day.

Side Effects? We are very happy to report that we seldom hear of any side effects with Candisol. Most customers find this product quite effective and beneficial. However, about 5 to 6 customers a year (less than 1%) have complained of abdominal cramping when they add candisol to their protocol. No one has been able to exactly determine why. In listening to our customers, it "appears” some who are taking certain medications or herbs, or who have impacted intestinal matter, might experience contradictions when adding Candisol to their regime. Fortunately this is not common. Yet, if you do have this experience, chat with your practitioner. If you are a domestic customer, and would like a refund, please let us know and return the unused product to us within 45 days and we will refund your credit card. (Must be within 45 days.) However, we cannot accept returns from international customers as we do not pay for importation back into the USA.

Thyroid Medication - Candisol is not affected by, and will not interfere with, most medications. However, Candisol should not be taken at the same time as timed-release Thyroid medications. These types of medications use a cellulose based capsule. The enzymes in Candisol will dissolve the capsule and the medication will not release in a time-delayed manner. As with any medication, please consult your healthcare professional first.

120 capsules per bottle - This will last two weeks for those taking 8 capsules per day, and one month when on the minimum dosage which is 2 capsules - twice per day. Some practitioners recommend four capsules 2+ times per day. Ask your practitioner to advise the best dosage for your situation.

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