Calcium - Mother Earth Minerals

Calcium - Mother Earth Minerals

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99.999% pure Mother Earth Metal crystalline particles

Mother Earth Minerals are derived from soil, purified and broken down to powdered state, then liquefied into angstroms just as plants absorb. The most efficient and bio-available, absorbed directly into the blood when taken sublingually - absorbed into the vein under the tongue.

Mother Earth calcium is absorbed directly into the blood when consumed sublingually, and is clearly one of the most efficient and bio-available calcium supplements on the market. Calcium is one of the highest naturally alkaline earth metals which stimulates the various biological transmutation processes throughout the human body. It is so vital, that if it is not provided to the human cell consistently, ions are borrowed from the body's calcium storehouse, which is the bones.

Remember to always take adequate magnesium to break down the calcium molecule for absorption and assimilation. Calcium cannot be utilized properly by the body if there is not enough magnesium.

Place 1/4th to 1 tsp under your tongue and hold for 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing. Wait 2 minutes before eating or drinking anything.

8oz liquid - 1/2 tsp = 96 servings