Sleep Apnea Relief, 30 caps by Nature's Rite

Sleep Apnea Relief, 30 caps by Nature's Rite

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Sleep Apnea Relief, by Nature's Rite, is one of the most common sleep disturbance issues in America. It has ruined the sleep of an estimated 25 million Americans. This prevents the sleeper from entering REM and Delta Sleep. This can make them anxious, cantankerous and tired during the day.

There are very serious health consequences of prolonged sleep deprivation. Also, due to its nature, blood oxygen levels are lower than normal for prolonged periods. This is damaging to both the brain and the heart.

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 30
Ingredients: Per Serving - Sleep Apnea Proprietary Blend: 550 mg. Lobelia, Meadowsweet, Thyme, Chamomile (all from leaf & flower), Cramp Bark (from bark).
Other Ingredients: Gelatin (capsules), rice bran.
Suggested Usage: Take one capsule 30 minutes before bed-time. Do not take more than 2 capsules in one night.

30 capsules.