Probiotic PB 15/35 by Bairn Biologics

Probiotic PB 15/35 by Bairn Biologics

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Probiotic Formulas by Bairn Biologics

  • Fast Acting and Effective
  • Three formlas to choose from
  • Excellent combination when taking Candisol

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The Bairn Biologics brand of PB Formulas is being discontinued. We currently only have the Bairn PB 15/35 Formula available. However, you can purchase the replacements for the PB 12/30 and Pb 15/50 which are now under the PureBiotics brand label.  PureBiotics™ brand is manufactured by Pure Essence Labs who are the parent company to Bairn Biologics. The PureBiotics™ brand is the very same high quality probiotic formula that was previously labeled under the Bairn Biologics brand name.

PB Probiotics are formulated to provide double the active cultures per capsule over what is shown on the label at the time of manufacture. This means there are 60 billion active cultures in the PB 12/30 and 100 billion active cultures in the PB 15/50, and 200 billion cultures in the PB 15/100 when manufactured.   


  • PureBiotics Restore 12/30 - 12 probiotic strains and more than 30 billion active cultures per capsule (60 billion @ manufacture).
  • PureBiotics 15/35 for Men and Women Age 40+ - 15 probiotic strains, 35 billion cultures per capsule - a balanced blend of bifido and lactobacillus probiotic cultures.
  • PureBiotics Women 15/50 - 60 Capsules  - provides 15 probiotic strains and more than 50 billion active cultures per capsule (100 billion @ manufacture) - a specific blend with women's needs in mind.
  • PB 15/100 - a little more potent - 15 probiotic strains and more than 100 billion active cultures per capsule (200 billion @ manufacture) for men and women.
  • For MAXIMUM POTENCY although highly stable at room temperature – we recommend refrigeration to maintain the highest potency. The reason the PB formula probiotics have DOUBLE the active cultures when manufactured is to way over compensate for when and if the product ships in high heat. This means the potency is very high when we ship to you. These PB formulas are delivered in state-of-the-art vegetarian delayed-release capsules.

The PB formulas are kept refrigerated prior to shipping. 

Suggested Use:

When taking the PB Probiotics for maintenance the 12/30 formula is great. One capsule a day taken with your lightest meal. If needed another capsules can be taken later in the day. If your practitioner suggests that you need more support due to greater depletion, consider taking the PB 15/35 (or the PB 15/50 formulated for women).

Product Details:

Probiotics are helpful bacteria that support digestion and immune function and produce active forms of B-vitamins. The most common types are Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria. Within each type are many strains that confer health benefits when present in sufficient amounts. PB formulas contain only the most studied and stable strains of probiotics. Each formula provides guaranteed culture counts of 12 to 15 strains. The balance between Lacto and Bifido cultures varies depending on each formula’s purpose.

Research shows that levels of Bifidobacteria decline with age. However, both Bifido and Lacto cultures are depleted by chlorinated water (including baths and showers), oral contraceptives, antibiotics, x-rays, alcohol, diabetes, ultrasounds, parasites, etc. It is virtually impossible to avoid probiotic depletion in the modern world.

The healthy human gut is home to about 100 trillion living probiotic cultures. At 30 billion cultures, it would take over 9 years to replace your entire population. We believe at least 30 billion cultures per day are needed to ensure sufficient probiotic replenishment.* 

60 Capsules per bottle / Two Month Supply when using for maintenance