Detox - Alkalize Combos

Detox - Alkalize Combos

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Wonderful Combos for Jumpstarting the Detox Alkalize Process

These products we bundled together below are designed to address the cleansing of specific pathogens that will help alkalize, by removing toxins such as pesticides, chemicals, radiation, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, even parasites and yeast. Click on any of the links for specific information about what each product offers.
Creating a more alkaline body condition is done by detoxifying the body (removing excess toxins which are acidic), by eating more alkaline foods, alkaline forming foods and drinking slightly alkaline water. This is not done in one week. However in a months time one can make a huge difference in bringing their pH to an improved place. It is not important that we quickly reach a magic pH number, but that we find continuous improvement from where we are. You can jump start the process with the suggestions below. To further assist in detoxifying and alkalizing the body, here is a list of Acid/Alkaline Foods. No one - meaning NO ONE needs to eat everything on this list; just scan any foods that feel like a good match for you.

#1   Alkalize / Detox Combo + FREE pH Sticks




+ FREE pH STICKS Package of 90 top quality pH Strips

$ 138 (reg price $152.50)

#2   Alkalize - Detox Combo w/ INTRAMAX + Free pH STicks

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+ FREE pH STICKS Package of 90 top quality pH Strips

$ 213.00 (reg price $232.50)