Detox - Alkalize Combination Packs

Detox - Alkalize Combination Packs

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Detoxification and Alkalization ~ A Great Place to Start!

These products are bundled together to jumpstart the detoxification and alkalization process. These products help support the body's natural detoxification pathways and normal pH balance. Click on any of the links below for more information about what each product offers.

#1   One Month Cleanse




  • Zetox - Helps remove the toxins and contaminants that build up in your body, as well as enhancing general immune function. 3 to 4 week supply.
  • VelociTEA - Helpful for cleansing the colon, kidneys, liver, lungs and the intestinal tract. 4 week supply.
  • Floraphage 15mg - Breaks down unwanted bacteria in the intestines and super multiplies the beneficial flora. 30 capsules 1 month supply.
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#2   One Month Cleanse w/ INTRAMAX

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  • IntraMax - POTENT formula contains 415 Vitamins and Minerals. Absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream removing toxins and replenishing nutrients.
  • Zetox - 3 to 4 week supply.
  • VelociTEA - 4 week supply.
  • Floraphage 15mg - 30 capsules 1 month supply.

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Creating a more alkaline body condition is done by detoxifying the body (removing excess toxins which are acidic), by eating more alkaline foods, alkaline forming foods and drinking slightly alkaline water. This is not done in one week. However in a months time one can make a huge difference in bringing their pH to an improved place. It is not important that we quickly reach a magic pH number, but that we find continuous improvement from where we are. To further assist in detoxifying and alkalizing the body, here is a list of Acid/Alkaline Foods. NO ONE needs to eat everything on this list; just scan any foods that feel like a good match for you.