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PlasmaFlo - Bloodflow is the delivery system throughout the body. Two things that prevent healthy cells from the bone marrow, vitamins/minerals and oxygen from reaching our tissues needing repair is excess fibrin and systemic inflammation.

PlasmaFlo is a proprietary blend of proteolytic and fibrinolytic enzymes, concentrated plant extracts and potent antioxidants. These ingredients are excellent for digesting excess fibrin in the blood (fibrin is what makes the blood thick and platelets clumpy) in such a way as to improve the delivery of nutrients and healthy cells from the bone marrow through the capillaries and to our tissues.

It also provides nutrition to help prevent the formation of fibrin, combats oxidative stress and vascular inflammation. Cleansing the fibrin allows an unobstructed blood flow whereby the healthy cells from the bone marrow can reach their destination.

PlasmaFlo supports 3 vital vascular components

  • Vascular flow
  • Vascular integrity
  • Vascular health

Can pets consume PlasmaFlo?

PlasmaFlo is formulated for human consumption. We know of no reason that it may be harmful to pets. However, we have done no studies using the products for pet consumption. Please check with your veterinarian.

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