Adrenal Support System

Adrenal Support System

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Adrenal Support System
Supports a Stable Mood - Calming and Relaxing
Worry and Exhaustion are key ingredients that deplete the adrenals.
Instead of reaching for sugar, caffeine or stimulants during the day when fatigued, consider giving the adrenals what they need.

If the adrenals are just plumb worn out ~ Taking ~ One or two capsules of Adrenal Support System™ in the am, might be just what is needed.

When we are stressed and worried, these herbs help take the edge off, calming the nervous system so we feel less fatigued or agitated.
Adrenal Support is a very potent blend of the most effective botanicals for adrenal restoration, yet gentle in how they work in the body. Contains over 31,900 mg of raw botanical power.

  • Helps to maintain a more steady energy supply throughout the day
  • Strengthens the adrenals and rebuilds reserves
  • Helps calm the body and helps balance hormones

The adrenals secrete hormones enabling us to run more quickly or fight more fiercely, and thus increase our chance of survival when danger is present. Keep in mind our adrenals can easily become stressed from chronic and consistent MENTAL worry, as well as from taking steriods, and from spikes in blood sugar. When they are weakened we often feel a shortage of energy, fatigue, hormone imbalances, weight gain (especially around the belly), difficulty sleeping, lack of libido or other symptoms - some are mild and others more severe.

Ingredients ~ Two capsules contain

  • Contains: Cordyceps, Ashwagandha, Holy basil, Rhodiola, Schizandra and Eleuthero (Siberian ginseng). Together, these plants provide countless phytochemicals that rebuild adrenal energy, counteract the physiological effects of stress and renew adrenal integrity.

(10% cordycepic acid) An absolute superstar of the Superior Herbal System. An extremely effective and potent life-enhancing agent. Provides amazing support for lung and kidney systems. By supporting the greater kidney system, it supports the adrenals, which are a major part of that system. Strengthens both every day, functional energy and the deep reserve known as "Essence" that we use to pull through times of severe illness or injury.

(4% withanolides) A traditional Ayurvedic herb also known as "Indian Ginseng" and used as an adaptogen, which helps the body adapt to stressful situations. Anything that helps the body adapt to stress benefits the adrenals.

(5% rosavins) An adaptogen that instantly helps adrenals overcome constant stress response syndrome, and that, longer term, increases the ability to remain calm in the face of stressful events.

Schizandra fruit
(2% schizandrins) Supports all 12 of the body's major energy meridians. Helps harmonize entire body, thus reducing the impact of stressful events. Sharpens mental focus, helps protect against cell damaging agents like free radicals and other toxins.

Eleuthero root
(0.8% eleutherosides) Also known as Siberian ginseng. Supports all five major organ systems. Of extreme benefit to adrenals. Increases body's ability to use oxygen efficiently. Powerful adaptogen. Improves both physical and mental performance when under extreme stress. One of the world's most powerful health building supplements.

60 capsules per bottle

Suggested use - Two capsules once or twice per day with meals. Either one capsule in am plus one capsule at midday OR take two capsules together.