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The Reason I Purchased Phytozon:

FIRST:   I first watched a short video (see video at the bottom of this page) which intrigued me to purchase one bottle of Phytozon to test myself, family and co-workers. Once the bottle arrived, we all experimented with muscle testing our body's strength against the EMF frequencies emanating from our smart meters, routers and even our cell phones. We were pleased with the results.

Phytozon showed an absolute positive benefit, meaning we each tested weak and then tested strong once we either took two capsules or held the bottle next to our body. So I purchased numerous bottles for the entire family to try and to offer on this website. (One can purchase Phytozon through this link - (copy and paste to your browser) or join as a member.

SECOND:  We each started taking two capsules a day. The first thing we noticed is we were less tired throughout the day. Not a caffeine punch, just a simple non drop off in our energy as the day progressed. After a week, I personally stopped taking the Phytozon and felt fine, although I did not have the same upliftment. A few days later I chose to take two capsules of Phytozon around 7:30pm. I went to bed around 10pm; however I was up at 11am until 3pm because I could not sleep. I was plainly not tired. I was not wired, just not tired. For me, I shall not take Phytozon any later than 2pm!

THIRD:  I have had some pain and swelling in my joints and bones on my right hand for a year or so. This is likely from way too much time at the keyboard! Since taking the Phytozon the swelling is dramatically reduced. So what does this mean? It has to do with combination of ingredients that reduce inflamation everywhere in the body.

After reviewing the ingredients contained in the Phytozon, I could see the potential medicinal benefits to the immune system, joints and all of our tissues i.e. the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory possibilities alone. The combination of ingredients are anti-aging and can assist the body in repairing itself, and improving blood flow to the brain which might help memory.

Ingredient formulation and scientific studies - NOTE: There are 9 pages describing each ingredient in this product. Yes, nine pages each one describing the purpose, the usefulness and effectivenss of each ingredient! This is very helpful -this page.

The manufacturer American Dream Nutrition cannot make any claims. They can only talk about the benefits of the patented combination of ingredients contained in the Phytozon.

Considering watching the video at the bottom of this article.


My husband loves how he feels taking the phytozon. The positive benefit offered in supporting/strengthening the body to assist in mitigating the negative effects of the EMF's we are all surrounded by is a good enough reason to take a daily dosage. I have decided to stop taking it, as it gives me too much energy.

Rest of the Info coming soon.


EMF's are electromagnetic frequencies that emanate from cell towers and power lines that surround us, but also emanate from our cells phones, routers, smart meters, TV's, hair dryers, electrical wiring, refrigerators, power outlets, pretty much anything that has a voltage.
Some of us are exposed all day long, sitting or working near and around these force fields, causing an imbalance in our body which sometimes manifests as certain diagnoses. Although we are exposed to EMF's throughout the day, there are things we can do to reduce the negative effects, protect our bodies and have our energy back.

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