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Our liver is amazing!

The good news is ~

The liver is quick to heal itself, even when it has become burdened and sluggish.

         More About How Does the Liver Work

When I had the diagnosis of pre-cancer of the liver many years ago, I got to work cleansing free radicals, excess cancer cells and other toxins. In a matter of months, the diagnosis was taken away. I am not a practitioner and cannot tell anyone what to do, nor do I know what others need, but the following is a little info to improve liver function.

When the liver is burdened, the wastes build up.

When the liver is overworked and cannot filter out all the toxins that come through in excess, these toxins move into the fat cells for storage throughout the body including the fatty brain tissue. As these organs are dealing with more than they were designed to, they can become overwhelmed. Most of the time, this happens slowly over time. Sometimes diagnoses present themselves, and we are stumped to understand why.

A few of the things our liver does all day long to keep us alive:

  • Filters a liter of blood every minute. The average adult has 5 to 6 liters of blood in their body. (In this liter of blood there are lots of toxins that need filtering out.)
  • Breaks down and metabolizes everything we swallow, inhale and absorb through the skin 24/7. Easy, peezy when we are younger.
  • Produces red blood cells. Red blood cells transport oxygen to our lungs and throughout the body AND they also remove carbon dioxide from the body.
  • Stores vitamins, minerals and sugars as fuel (glycogen) for later in the day. After we eat, the liver converts the protein, fats and carbohydrates into energy, storing it, and then releasing all back into the bloodstream whenever our cells need them.
  • Creates bile to break down fat. The bile is stored in the gallbladder under the liver. If you do not have a gallbladder, the liver has to take over the job of the gallbladder.
  • Manufacturers testosterone and estrogen hormones and helps regulate sex hormone levels.

Suggestions to support the liver:

The following ideas are offered for you to share with your practitioner.

Start wherever you are. No hurry about getting it right.
One step at a time and everything will start improving.

Milk thistle - is an herb that is well known to be therapeutic for the liver.
I either take one capsule twice a day or I drink VelociTea twice a day which contains milk thistle and other herbs that are healing and supportive for liver function.

VelociTea - is a beautiful detox/therapeutic tea one can drink twice a day ~

  • Aids liver and gall bladder function.
  • A daily gentle liver, kidney, colon and digestive cleanse.
  • Helps eliminate parasites, pharmaceuticals etc.
  • Can be used daily to flush the body of toxins
  • With menopause - woman might notice diminished hot flashes or night sweats
About VelociTea here>>

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Holy Basil Tea - purchase this tea loose in bulk at the health food store (make sure it is organic). Good for the liver and adrenal function, lungs, calming anxiety, increases antioxidant activity, and the list goes on.




If your practitioner gives you the "go ahead" for a liver detox, consider Liver Rescue at this link >>

(Check with your practitioner for their advice first before any detoxification and to be sure there are no contradictions with medications you are taking.)


What Else?
  • Meat and animal foods are a bit harder on the liver than produce.
  • What to add to your organic green salad: raw organic beet slices, cabbage, dark green leafy produce such as dandelion greens and kale. These build red blood cells and red blood cells carry oxygen to the lungs and throughout the body.
  • If you're brave, EAT small portions of raw, organic beef liver - helps the liver heal from disease.
  • The liver loves Spirulina, chlorella and blue green algae as long as they are derived from a good, clean source. These high quality powders are pre-digested, so easy for the body to assimilate. Add two or three tsp to your green drinks or smoothies.


Roto Rooter for the Blood - When the blood is like a swamp, this overloads the liver which has to filter all that debris. Neprinol breaks down blood clots, clumpy platelets and digests fibrin and more. I have used Neprinol daily for about 10 years. When my blood was viewed and magnified under a microscope, it looked like a swamp. Neprinol helped clean it up.



Repairing Tissue in the Body

There are specific cells contained within the bone marrow that assist the body in self healing. There is a patented product called StemEnhance Ultra. When two capsules are taken, our bone marrow is triggered to release approximately 4.5 to 6 million of these specific cells into circulation within a few hours. Once circulating, they seek out damaged or aging tissue, attach, multiple 2000 times and become new cells in the body. These cells can virtually become any tissue.


These are a couple of my favorites for destroying free radicals, parasites and other unwanted pathogens in the body. Found here >>