Ideas to Support our Furry Companions

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Detoxification - is often the place to start.

Sometimes pets are struggling or feeling poorly due to an accumulation of toxins that have bio-accumulated over time. Some of the sources are:

  • Vaccines
  • Commercial pet foods - containing byproducts, additives and chemical preservatives as in Ethoxyquin, BHA and BHT, Propylene Glycol, Nitrates and heavy metals leaching from canned food
  • Grooming Products - chemicals are absorbed though the skin and also licked off by the animal.
  • Fertilizers, pesticides - They lick their fur/paws after playing on and eating grass which may have been sprayed with pesticides, fertilizers, weed killers - or lapping up water in the gutter that contains these toxic substances.
    - Check their bedding for the allergens they may bring in and sleep on over and over
  • Tap Water - contains lots of pathogens
  • Drugs, antiobiotics - sometimes these are necessary, and then there are times when other options are optimum
**Give your pets good, clean water to drink, instead of tap water.
**Consider the Red Desert clay for daily detoxification.

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Red Desert® Clay for Pets

Does your pet have internal parasites or fleas?
Diarrhea or Loose Bowels an Issue?
Does your dog eat poop? or
Forage through the yard eating anything he can find outside?
Does your Pet Have Foul Smelling Messes in the House?

Red Desert® clay works. It is gentle yet quite effective. The beauty of this very specific clay is that it will move into the bloodstream quickly, binding to and absorbing toxins at the cellular level and remove such things as unfriendly bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals, poisons, preservatives and many other pathogens.

Leave behind an array of nutrients to nourish your pet, straight from Mother Earth! These micronutrients and minerals are bone and joint strengthening.

Customers who have used this clay have reported:

  • Stopped my cats diarrhea in one day.
  • Parasites are no longer an issue.
  • Excessive scratching stopped. I believe she was scratching from pollen allergies but the clay resolved this.
  • I don't do anymore deep cleanings since I brush her teeth with the clay mud.
  • She is more energetic since we added the clay to her meals. I knew she needed some detoxification.
  • My dog stopped eating cat poop! Hurray! It must be the minerals in the clay.
  • My dogs tumors from fatty tissue growths disappeared.

PURCHASE - Red Desert® Clay for Pets

Learn More about Red Desert Clay >>


Interestingly wild animals don't appear to have the host of health challenges our house pets suffer from. The bobcat, coyotes, quail and rabbits that travel through and around my property show no signs of being overweight or having skin problems, arthritis, diabetes, incontinence, constipation or diarrhea, valley fever, etc. This is likely because they are not eating poor quality diets, are not vaccinated, or treated with drugs and conventional medicine, and are unlikely to be carrying an accumulation of toxic waste.


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ZETOX Details here >>

  • Put these drops in a little water, or directly in your pets mouth.
  • Scavenges and traps pesticides, herbicides and other toxins
  • Binds to Depleted Uranium, traps PCB's
  • Binds to harmful metals i.e. arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, radioactive cesium
  • Allergies - Has the ability to remove some allergens it comes in contact with
  • Super efficient absorption



Repairing Damaged and Aging Tissue in the Body

StemEnhance for Pets (not available until sometime in 2018)

While we are waiting for the reformulation of StemEnhance for Pets, StemEnhance Ultra® is available and formulated for human consumption.

Stemenhance for Pets will be reformulated in the coming year and available for all kinds of animals - dogs, cats, even horses.

This product will work like the Stemenhance Ultra for people - by triggering your pets bone marrow to release millions of healthy cells into circulation within hours after your first dosage. As these cells are circulating, they home in on aging or damaged tissue, attach, multiple thousands of times and become new cells.

Can Stemenhance Ultra be given to my cat or dog?

We know of no reason that Stemenhance Ultra may be harmful to pets. AFA and Spirulina have been used in the pet nutrition industry for yours. However, since there are no studies using the products for pet consumption, please check with your veterinarian before giving to your animals.

Stemenhance Info Here>>


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Neprofin PET

  • Joint motion, discomfort and inflammation
  • Improving flexibility
  • Cleansing the blood of fibrin and debris
  • Immune health
  • Cleansing of free radicals
  • Can replace declining enzymes as our pets age

More info on Neprofin Here>>


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Novequin PET

Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes to ~

  • Increase good bacteria to the digestive system
  • Improve your pet's digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Strengthen the Immune System

More Details on Novequin Here >>