Scram  - Parasite Cleanse Supplement

Scram - Parasite Cleanse Supplement

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Parasites "Out With A Bang"

         ~ A potent, time tested single effective formula ~

Scram™ directly supports the elimination of adult parasites and their developmental stages
- including their eggs.

Parasites migrate throughout the body and can be found in the lungs, digestive tract, brain etc. These pathogenic organisms can range from roundworms, pinworms, tapeworms many feet in length to tiny amoebae or protozoa detectable only with a microscope.

Scram™ is designed to:

  • To support the removal of adult parasites and their eggs.
  • Remove dead pathogen carcasses produced during the elimination process
  • Removal of the excrement secreted by parasites which are toxic poisons that weaken our immune System.
  • Increase liver support from milk thistle and chanca piedra to help the liver deal with the toxic burden created by parasites.
  • Increase Enzyme support to digest food - which assists the body's absorption of food into the bloodstream - this helps to eliminate feeding those critters in the intestines.

The herbs contained in Scram™ are toxic to fungus and yeast as well.

   Suggested Use:

Consider starting this regime 4 days or so prior to the full moon, as this is when parasites are most active. Ideally, take each days dosage all at once. Take until the bottle is gone. Why 10 capsules a day for so long? Because generally that is what is required for effectiveness. Please check with your practitioner for this type of guidance.

Day One: One VeganCap
Day Two: Three VeganCaps
Day Three: Six VeganCaps
Day Four: - Until the bottle is gone: Ten VeganCaps per day

NOTE: This is a potent, effective formula. If you feel nausea or other unpleasant symptoms while taking this product, lower your usage level, or discontinue use.

When and How Often?

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Two or three courses of Scram may be necessary for effective elimination. Depending on your situation, you may take more or less SCRAM™ for a different duration of time.


Proprietary Herbal Blend 5000mg - 150 VeganCaps
Serving Size: 10 VeganCaps™

Cloves - Black Walnut - Wormwood (leaves and stem) - Milk Thistle Seed Extract - Chanca Piedra Whole Herb Extract - Protease - Alpha-Galactosidase - Amylase - Cellulase - Lipase - Bromelain - Papain

California Proposition 65 WARNING: This product contains lead, and other chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
   What Else Can I Do?

There is no way to completely avoid all parasites since we have to eat, drink and breathe.

But take good care of yourself! You deserve to feel really good while you are here!

Having a more alkaline pH is optimum. Creating this is done by drinking more good clean alkaline water and eating REAL foods - such as fresh produce and high fiber items which helps clean the intestines and keeps the bowels moving more unwanted things out. The will also improve the immune system response. Take supplements that you know have a cleansing effect on your entire body such as Red Desert Clay, VelociTEA etc.

Personally I include a few things in my daily regime that make it difficult for parasites to take up residence, such as:

  • Red Desert clay - This clay is very alkaline - 8.5. Parasites cannot proliferate when Red Desert clay is present in the body. It is a powerful detoxifier not only for cleansing toxins, but cleansing out the toxic waste parasites leave behind.
  • Raw garlic - I often take a clove of garlic and grate it. I swallow it with water - only when there is food already in my stomach. Mosquitoes don't like our blood with garlic in it and parasites don't like it as well. BE SURE to eat the garlic raw within 30 minutes before the antiviral, antibiotic, antifungal qualities begin to oxidize.
  • Pumpkin seeds - Raw, organic
  • Cleanse the body of pathogens - We all take showers every day - and it's a very good idea to cleanse our inner terrain of excess cancer cells, free radicals, yeast, E.coli, pharmaceuticals, chemicals from products we use and so on. Some suggestions are at this link.
  • VelociTEA - is a great maintenance tea to drink regularly for internal cleansing of the colon, liver, kidneys, digestive tract and flushing out parasites.


Pesky Parasites

Many, many years ago I had no idea why I was so ill. Chronic fatigue was the label given to my symptoms. Eventually, I found a wonderful holistic MD who identified the cause of my issues. I started a massive detox of everything from excess cancer cells and free radicals, yeast and a host of parasites. I had no idea one could have parasites in the brain, lungs, digestive system, blood and so on.

In a matter of months, I had cleared them all out with many herbs and products, and the rest is history.

Coming into contact with parasites is unavoidable since they are in the environment, soil, air, water and food we eat. They survive and become established in the body by eating crucial nutrients and burrowing into tissues. Some people have a mild infestation in their bodies while others (such as I had) have more established infestations including yeast and fungal infections. These can all be passed from human to human and from animals to humans.

There are many different types of parasites, including tapeworms, roundworms, protozoa, tiny amoebae to pinworms, and others detectable under a microscope.

The good news is we can eliminate them with Scram™ and a few good lifestyle changes.