Feeling Better NOW

Can I “Be” Perfectly Healthy ~


I-Am Perfectly Healthy came to be on a bistro mug.


These exact words came to me in 2005 while I was away at a retreat that summer in New Hampshire ~ a place I was visiting in anticipation of learning to quiet my thoughts.  I remember my great desire to learn to be more centered and calm, hoping this would be the magical week I would master this ability.

After settling in for a day or so, I became keenly aware as each day progressed, that I was feeling a bit calmer and having an easier time relaxing. At some point later into the week somehow while sitting in a quiet space, between my thoughts and a breathe, the words I-Am Perfectly Healthy popped into my awareness – very clearly.   By the Grace of God, Spirit, my inner voice, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, clarity slipped through gracefully and found me for that brief moment.  Unsure of what these words meant initially, I did know that I-Am Perfectly Healthy was to be the name of the new website and I began to feel excited about how this might benefit others.

The website was up and running successfully in a short time. However, (and much to the surprise of many) it was a good 2 years before I ever, ever answered my phone with: I-Am Perfectly Healthy.  For I was terrified that someone would ask me what these words meant, and I had no clue how to explain this.  Heaven forbid others would know that I didn’t have it all together and maybe – Maybe they would find out I wasn’t perfect at all!

Eventually my self esteem moved out of my socks and I got over myself and mustered up the confidence to answer my phone with my business name.  Answering my calls with I-Am Perfectly Healthy became so natural that years later I realized what was truly happening in repeating these words frequently. Unknowingly, I had powerfully and effortlessly aligned with an improved story and experience from the me, that was trying really hard to “BE” healthy. Most importantly I had eased up on myself and shifted away from what was “wrong” to feeling very okay about it all. I had put down working hard to eat and exercise just right so I would be healthy. Eventually I-Am Perfectly Healthy had become a belief that was true for me.

Many years have passed since then and most recently in December 2014 I felt the whisper again.  I realized if I had these words fired on a mug used for beverages, holding pencils or even to grow an avocado plant, then the vibration would automatically and effortlessly help others align themselves with that belief as well, making it easier for others to shift into a better feeling place. I also realized that whatever beverage was in this mug (or whoever ate an avocado from the seed originally grown in that mug) would also be imbued with the vibration of these words and taken into one’s body.  This was amazing to me as I fully understood how it all worked.

I immediately felt a whole heck of a lot better just imagining what this meant and what it might be like many years from now when my body had long  passed away and there were millions of people who without even thinking about it, were automatically and powerfully lined up with amazing wonderful health effortlessly.  How different life might be.

Amazing to think about, for when our vibration is lined up with anything, we attract more of it.

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