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Joint Pain Relief ~ Alleviate Muscle Stiffness

Pain in my joints, then my fingers and muscles ~

Here I offer some of the beneficial things I found to turn my pain and inflammation in a positive direction.  Its just my personal experience.  Although we do not have the answer for everyone, there might be some useful ideas that feel right to you, so I share.  Try anything that feels doable for you because all of these things can help improve other issues in the body.

The following info contains possible reasons why one may be experiencing pain along with some remedies. Keep in mind there is no “here is what everyone must do.”   Why?  Because one product that works for one person may not be the remedy that helps the next person.  So trial and error will be necessary.

    1. Some pain is due to heavy metal accumulation in the joints.
    2. Another will find mineral deficiencies to be the cause. 
    3. Another will need products that take down inflammation.  This could be blood that needs cleansing because it is full of debris and very thick, or foods that automatically reduce pain and inflamation.
    4. If you are sitting around and not moving the body much, this will cause pain in the body for most people, simply from stiffness!

(You will notice I “cut to the chase” in this article because all I cared about was relief.)  


As we get older we often experience new aches or pains.  Yet when pain arrived in MY joints ~ I jumped on the solution bandwagon. (No matter what, do check with your doc before using the ideas offered !)

When my hips first started to ache years ago in my early forties, I had to reduce my hiking down to 45 minutes because it was otherwise too painful and I had no idea why. 

A few years later while working with a holistic MD (doing major detoxification for other health issues), he discovered my body to be very low in certain crucial minerals.  To correct this Mother Earth Minerals were prescribed, 1 tsp of each twice a day – calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium, zinc, manganese and some copper. This was a fairly high dosage to be taking since Mother Earth minerals are 99% pure and absorbed sublingually right into the bloodstream.  Yet, it must have been what I needed, because within a few weeks the pain in my hips had disappeared and my back aches had reduced.  Minerals are the building blocks of our cells.  So, I continued the twice a day dosage for a few more weeks and then reduced to ½ the dosage for a short time longer.

We naturally obtain minerals when we are eating organic foods, organic raw veggies and good clean water – but that was not my diet for the first ½ of my life.  For those of us who did not eat these types of foods, minerals are crucial for cells to function properly.

When digestion isn’t great, we are not absorbing or assimilating nutrients from food.  To help with this, consider drinking a glass of water with Braggs apple cider vinegar prior to eating.  I take two or three capsules of digestive enzymes ESPECIALLY WHEN EATING animal foods to help break the protein carbs and fat so they are assimilable.  I do not take any digestive enzymes when eating raw foods, veggie wraps, live foods or vegetables because they already naturally contain the enzymes to break food particles down for absorption.

IntraMax Liquid Vitamin/Mineral SupplementMineral maintenance – I now use IntraMax for mineral maintenance and take extra magnesium Mother Earth brand most days.  If you have sluggish bowels Natural Calm magnesium might be a better match – and try the VelociTEA for cleansing the entire digestive tract and moving those bowels.


In my fifties, my finger joints became inflamed and tenderI assumed whatever was going on would clear up on its own.  But after a year or so, I looked a little closer and was surprised to discover that this is the beginning of arthritis.  Yuck!

Around this time I also found it more difficult to stretch as far as I had previously.

Here is what i found useful to turn everything around in a positive direction.

  • Detoxification – I had already detoxified my body from heavy metals.  (Note:  Lead for example will accumulate in the tissues over time and cause pain.)  Since detoxification was part of my regular regime, I was pretty clear this was not the source of the inflammation.  If you have not cleansed the body of chemicals and man-made toxins, i.e. exhaust, pollution, pesticides and the like this is a great time to take this burden off the organs and the cells which will all function much better.  Start with Red Desert Clay.

Think about it. If the cells of the body have accumulated and are storing toxins over the years, then how can minerals be absorbed?  Remember, minerals are the building blocks of our cells.  We all shower every day to clean off the outer body, so consider giving the inside a shower.

  • Antioxidant Extreme and inflammation Antioxidant extreme is very potent to take down inflammation and will also remoAntioxidant Extreme !ve free radicals.  I started with 3 capsules 2x a day.  Once again, this one product contains numerous top ingredients combined together that can significantly reduce pain, inflammation and REMOVE FREE RADICALS.   Within a couple of days of this dosage, the inflammation and swelling in my hands was radically reduced and in another week 90% of the discomfort was gone.  The ORAC value (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) per Serving:36,128.

 At this time, I am taking 2 capsules of Antioxidant Extreme twice a day 4 or 5 days a week for maintenance.

  • Last thing I added in to help my joints and muscles Perfect Collagen.


Protein rich hydrolyzed collagen – to the body from repairing the gut to restoring muscle; but it specifically nourishes the joints, connective tissue, tendons, cartilage.  The first thing I noticed after a week of taking one scoop twice a day was when I bent to tie my shoes the tightness in my back muscles was gone.  When I practiced some yoga stretches my muscles easily reached and stretched with no discomfort.  My range of motion was nicely increased.


Soaking hands in water. 

The fingers and feet are a place where the body expels unneeded energy.  It “sorta like” cleanses out via the hands and feet. When energy gets stuck or blocked (sometimes there are emotions that are releasing) it can cause pain and inflammation.  There is nothing wrong that we need to fix about ourselves, just something to know.  One can sit with their hands in a bowl of warm water and visualize the energy flowing out of the hands into the water.   

You can also add 1/8th a cup of Red Desert Clay to the water and put your hands or feet into it for 20 minutes or so.  This very specific clay has a very strong ionic charge and will literally pull the toxins out of the body into the clay and the excess energy will move. 

Hope this helps! 




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