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Itchy, Dry Skin – Relief !

Dry, itchy skin appears every year, as the days became shorter for many of us.  What’s the solution?

I don’t fancy applying lotion several times a day as I would rather find an internal solution.  But….

As I sat on the sofa the other day, my feet were uncontrollably itchy, and scratching gave no relief. 

I applied some good ole emu oil and after 5 minutes all the scratching calmed right down.  I loved it, although my hands were feeling quite dry as was my back.  So of course I applied more emu oil to those areas which gave me relief in a short time.   I had my husband spread a sheet on the sofa so I wouldn’t accidentally create an oily couch!

Then as I thought about it, I remembered that the more Omega 3’s we have in the bloodstream, the more it is absorbed and that is something I was in need of.

How do I obtain more omegas?  We want the good fats that naturally contain fatty acids.  Eating cold water fish, chia, hemp or flax seeds are very good sources when eaten regularly so is cod liver oil and some eggs.  I like fermented cod liver oil purchased from Green Pasture.  

However what I had in my cabinet was a supplement bottle of maximum super strength omega’s.  (The maximum strength product I take is here.)  

The day after taking one capsule, my itching stopped completely.  Yes, my skin was still a little dry, but that was not a big deal.  I now take one capsule nearly every day unless I am eating fish or other foods naturally high in omegas.  I intentionally put that bottle next to my other daily supplements just in case of a memory lapse during the cold weather. 

The omegas are essential – all of them.  The 3-5-6-7-8-9-11 omega’s contain Both EPA and DHA which are fatty acids that assist with stabilizing and creating optimal cellular brain cell function, help our immune system, blood clotting, cardiovascular system, brain function, skin, hair and more.

Keep in mind our bodies have the ability to extract what we need from the food we eat.  So I am once again eating more raw, organic nuts and seeds with snacks or in salad.  However, I do throw in a brownie once in awhile…. cause they taste so good.

And lastly the humidifier.  Living in the Southwest this can be a lifesaver if it hasn’t rained in awhile!

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