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Get Detoxed (clay discount) for National Mud Pack Day!


For those of you who have tried our amazing Red Desert® Clay, you know that it’s the best for clearing toxins out of the body and overall health, including removing unwanted bacteria, bringing minerals to our cells, and so much more! It’s also unique because it contains over 50 essential minerals and trace elements and moves easily into the bloodstream to our cells, immediately binding to and removing those toxins unlike any other clay.

Red Desert Clay is a unique calcium montmorillonite (not the same as Bentonite clays you may have seen, whereby most are not used for internal cleansing). If you’d like to learn more about Red Desert® Clay and why it’s great for humans and animals, click here.

Whether you’ve heard about this versatile clay with multiple uses or not, we have a special treat for you this month because September 30 is National Mud Pack Day! We’re celebrating by offering you the finest beauty mask for your skin with a special $6 discount off Red Desert Clay powder. You can order it here with the promo code 6offclaypwdr for the discount, but you will also have a chance to win a $25 or $50 store credit at www.i-amperfectlyhealthystore.com


Look at the fun we had with Red Desert Clay as it pulled toxins out of our skin which was glowing and silky smooth afterwards! Be sure when mixing your Red Desert Clay mask you do so in a non-metal bowl with wooden utensils such as chopsticks or a wooden spoon.

We would love to see your Red Desert Clay Mud Pack!

Take a photo and share with us on our social media sites with the hash tag #RedDesertClayMudPack! Click the links below to follow us and share your photos!




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