Feeling Better NOW

Do I really need to Detox?

Only if AND WHEN it feels like a good idea – to you!
Yes, detoxifying foods, juices or products can be a great help to feel lighter and more energized.
YES! … all of us have to breathe and eat and therefore we naturally take in toxins which can bog down the physical body.
However, this doesn’t have to be a big deal. There are easy things we can do to keep the cells flushed of excess, unwanted toxins and this will also bring in nutrients to our tissues without having to give up our lifestyle.     (Feel free to peruse –  detoxification  products – here.)
My original depressing story went something like this…..
Back in 2002 tired, worn down and depressed, I received some difficult and scary diagnoses. I was afraid if I didn’t buckle down into some serious detoxification, I might die. Since I was so frightened and in tremendous despair, my desire “for an improved physical condition” was amplified and it felt like a better idea to take action. I BELIEVED that my body would feel better – “belief” is the key word.
My decision was to dive into major detoxification of yeast, excess cancer cells and free radicals, heavy metals, mercury and whatever else I feared might have bio-accumulated in my tissues. Once again it was my belief that detoxification would help me. It did. My diagnoses eventually “petered out,”but I had also acquired a new habit of thinking that the way I took action was what everyone else should do! WRONG.
Although there are plenty of days where I drink green drinks, or detox teas and/or take supplements, I now only do this when I feel like it.
……….Not everyone feels like detox will be helpful. One might find it easier to seek medical treatment for a particular condition and this is absolutely fine as well, especially if he/she feels like it is the best option for their situation.
There are those I admire who have also received life altering diagnosis – who chose to quit their jobs, jump into their vehicles and take a long desired road trip. Instead of drilling down and boarding the detox train, they let go of their obligations, choosing to live out their days feeling more freedom. Some opting for this freer life… end up living another 20 years chatting about how their life and health improved once they turned their attention to their hearts desire and put themselves first!
Of course many of us have strong opinions about detoxification and what everyone else should do.   Including me! But frankly, it’s none of my business what “they” are doing or not doing. So in the most recent years, I have learned to stop trying to manipulate others to think like I do. Now this has really helped me to have an easier time with life… letting others be who they are more and more, without needing to control them (big learning curve here). They are having their experience and I am having mine. 
Cookies, bread and butter, coffee, alcohol, and sweets are not bad. In fact, I love all of these things when I have them. The key word here is love (but that is another article).
The ingredients for bringing about an improved balance of health to the body is more centered around how much ease and relaxation one is experiencing, not the RIGHT diet or the RIGHT exercise.
Nowadays, I eat what I want and yes, when I am dead and an autopsy is performed, they might say: “Wow, she had too much yeast in her body.” However my tombstone will say: “She learned to have a lot of fun~and nothing is more important than that!”
So the question is: Do I really need to detox? 
I don’t think it is a great idea for me to try to reform anyone else to detoxify, take supplements, or eat the way I do. However, I often do cleanses, drink detox teas and green drinks and take specific supplements – to keep my inner terrain in a better place.   Each person has an idea (underneath all the mind chatter) if detoxification is a good direction to go.  You are not broken, nor do you need fixing. So think for yourself and do whatever feels like a good balance for your well-being and your life. 
If you decide to include detoxification in your regime, do know that there is not a “here is what everyone must do” program. However, consider sitting by yourself in a room and closing your eyes. Take a few moments to imagine what the feeling is that you would like to experience in your body once you have done some internal cleansing. What would that feel like? After a few minutes open your eyes. Take any action that comes to you and follow it . No one knows what is better for you, than you.
There is no “right program,”
Just continuous improvement from where you are.
Happy Day! Maryanne


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