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Arthritis – Self Criticsm

On the physical level:

  • Yes, magnesium daily is very important to break down calcium and calcium deposits.

  •  Apple cider vinegar will break-up uric acid crystals and it essentially stops the process of reformation in the  joints. One to three tsp in a glass of good, clean water daily. Apple Cider VinegarThe apple cider vinegar must contain the “mother” which are the strands of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria that give the product a murky, cobweb-like appearance such as BRAGGS brand.

  •  Red Desert Clay for binding to heavy metals that have accumulated in the joints.

From a broader perspective?

Self criticism  looking at the silent criticism I’ve had towards others, and the self criticism that leads to arthritis. Having the slightest bit of arthritis in my fingers from a lifetime of trying really hard to be perfect – driving myself too hard and literally being stiff in my thinking – has shown me where the love for myself would be beneficial!

I’ve been taking a good inner look at self criticism.  Being overly critical of anyone is never helpful; but it is often the silent critical thoughts we tell ourselves, that the body hears and responds to.   So, as many of us do, we work hard living up to another’s expectations, what the church expects from us, our parents (even when they have been dead awhile!)  our friends and neighbors  Image result for smiley faces clip art  and so on; BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY the expectations we carry about ourselves becomes a burden that wears the body down – and critical people tend to end up with arthritis.

“I should have known that.  I should have been a better mother, employee, gardener, artist, friend, etc.  I let myself get fat – I should have not let myself eat those types of food.  I should have exercised more.  They should eat better. They should have a cleaner house, or at least cut their hair or update their wardrobe.”  

Now a lot of these things are simply none of our business.  However, all of us have done this at one time or another. All of us have been critical of ourselves and others.

THE KEY is to let ourselves and others off the hook.. right now…today.  Lets not turn a misdemeanor into a felony and criticize ourselves more for having been critical!  Begin the surrender process of forgiving ourselves and them because all we truly want is to feel loved and accepted …AND…  charity starts at home.

Nothing Is More Important Than Feeling Better Right Now!

From my heart to yours, maryanne
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