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Its amazing we have to pay for quality drinking water… something that should be free to everyone, but since complaining will not accomplish much, here are some ideas.


Drinking clean water, approximately ½ a gallon a day, will help flush the body of excess toxins and will rehydrate the cells. Tap water contains many contaminants and pollutants that can easily accumulate in our cells and joints and contribute to some painful symptoms - so avoid it.

The best and cleanest water for our health would be straight from a glacier melt. Since we don't live near one, I have chosen distilled water for the past 20 years, because distilling destroys all the pesticides, bacteria, viruses, chlorine, fluoride, herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, chemicals and pathogens and is the best way to clean the water. Although there are many different water machines available including reverse osmosis filtration, distilling is the best water.


  • Always, always add minerals to it. Distilling removes everything including the good minerals.
  • We personally use either 1 heaping tsp of Concentrace minerals in each gallon or add pH Booster drops. Adding pH Booster will alkalize the water to a pH of 9.5.
  • I like to add a few crystals of Celtic Salt (or Himalayan salt ) to my glass of distilled water as I prefer a more saline solution of additional minerals which is helpful for the eyes and also increases electrolytes.
  • If you want to restructure the distilled water, leave it in the moonlight. (Sunlight does not structure water, moonlight does.)
  • IMPORTANT: You must clean the boiling tanks of the distillers every so often. With reverse osmosis filtering you must ALSO clean the holding tank or you will find microbial growth and gunk, and the water does not stay clean!

Water ionizer machines

If you are in the market for a water ionizer machine consider either the Kangen ionizer or the Chansens Water Ionizers. Both are impressive and excellent in quality. The Kangen water ionizers are network marketed so the price is around $4000. The Chansen water ionizers cost around $2395 for the top of the line model with all the bells and whistles, but they also have a machine called The Violet Water Ionizer which is a counter top model for around $1295.
The best water ionizers we've seen most recently take a huge step farther in that they, in addition to alkalinizing and oxygenating water, literally split the cluster of water molecules down to about ½ which allows the water particles to penetrate deeper into our cells. Most water clusters are 16 to 18 molecules per cluster and the water ionizer machines create 6 to 8 water molecules per cluster. With the water ioinizers one's body might become alkaline quicker than with alkaline water alone. Once the body pH is in an alkaline balance, 9.5 alkaline water is too alkaline for long term, so lower the pH once wellness has returned.


WATER BOTTLES - Whenever possible, consider using a glass or stainless steel, non aluminum, water bottles which can be refilled. Most bottled water is NOT high quality. The FDA regulates bottled water, and we know what that means. To be produced and shipped, plastic bottled water uses up oil and other fossil fuels, fills up landfills, represents wasted money, and the water does not go through rigorous filtering and cleansing processes. Because of the toxic waste produced by bottles, some have advocated people to stop buying and consuming bottled water and instead consume tap water… UGH...! More info on bottled water >>

My son-in-law is a fire fighter in Tucson Arizona. He had little interest in my ideas about toxins and quality water until they tested the city water in Tucson. The amount of gasoline measured in the drinking water that year was unbelievable - and they had no idea where the contamination was coming from. My son-in-law is now a believer.


Final Notes ~

We have not gone into tremendous depth here, and yet the above offers a tidbit of info to help assist in obtaining higher quality water, which is super important in our regime of abundant health.

Maryanne and Team
Tucson AZ

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