The Cellars and Ceilings of Summer

The Cellars and Ceilings of Summer

A True Story.

A Very Different Book.

Author: Summer Bacon

After reading Chapter 2, I held on tight between disbelief and compassion. I did not expect this book to be what it was about.

Summers life is for sure a gift to her and millions of others. Ceilings and Cellars of Summer is a journey to the heart from intense fear to surrendering and knowing the Love of God.

I generally have no interest in reading books, but once into the 2nd chapter it was OMG! I was glued into a very unusual true story. Summers life starts off as a child with a fair amount of what appears to be happiness and stability mixed in with some unusual mystical experiences. She knew as a kid she wanted to be a trance medium when she grew up.

Then came some frightening, unexplainable experiences including rape, spousal abuse, paranormal stuff, as well as the most profound spiritual connection with our unseen friends from above which allowed for a deep connection to knowing God and Spirit through magic, love and trust.

I don't want to give the story away, but I will say Summer is brave.

I already knew a little bit about the author Summer Bacon, but this book contains the rest of the story. The experiences about her life are EXTRA-ordinary, meaning that one usually keeps these things tucked away inside under a mask so no one can know what is really going on inside. Although I did not expect this true story to contain what it did, I had no idea. I simply shook my head and continued reading.

Summer bravely shares the very things that society disapproves of her. Her most personal life experiences, which left me flooded with compassion for the courage, bravery and strength it took to write it all down. She shares her raw emotions, her experiences of grief, sadness, fear, anger and pain all while trying to function "normally" amidst multiple chaotic realities playing out.

In my opinion: Everything comes to us when we are ready.
This book can open up within us, when we are ready, responses to life that have been waiting for our expression. This happens only when we are ready to surrender and allow the love and the light of God to shine through. Everything comes to us when we are ready.

For me, while reading and a few more OMG's, I felt bursts of freedom, then compassion and even gratitude.

As I read The Ceilings and Cellars of Summer I said to myself over and over "Oh, this story is going to help a lot of others who feel stuck and powerless in an awful relationship," and then I would read the next chapter and say the same thing: "Oh, this is going to affect many to make new decisions about where they want to go in their life from where they are."

I could sense and actually feel the others who would be reading this book, making the decision to "let themselves off the hook" for everything they had ever done, allowing forgiveness to reign.

Thank you Summer ~ Love, hugs and all that jazz! Maryanne Maldonado

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