Feeling Better Now

Nothing is More Important Than Feeling Better

" I-AM Perfectly Healthy " a thought designed to create a flow of energy,
an opening to a better feeling life experience than we have ever allowed before.

Always remember ~ When any of us are faced with a health ailment or diagnosis, it is important to remember that we have done nothing wrong. An unwanted health experience is not a consequence of some inherent flaw, something we have earned or deserve, and there is never any good in shame or guilt.

This is a new time where we are best honored by letting go of all beliefs, perceptions or judgments which cause us to feel we are lacking or deficient in some way, a failure or undeserving of feeling wonderful.

Some situations require immediate attention and others are less urgent. When I personally found myself in a serious health crisis 13 years ago, I did not have anything figured out in advance. I just wanted to feel better. Frightened and uncertain (and I must admit very angry), I started my regime with major detoxification to remove yeast, excess cancer cells, free radicals, heavy metals, toxins and whatever else was causing my symptoms and fatigue. I also infused my body with vitamins and minerals to speed up repair and recovery.

I am certain I took too much of this and not enough of that; but over time my body condition improved significantly and my focus and clarity returned. Eventually I faced the long standing depression and self pity and moved through this as well. Slowly but amazingly, I began to feel better. There came a day when I found myself aligned with the belief that I-Am Perfectly Healthy, and it didn't matter if my body was displaying something I didn't like. I had given up seeing myself as broken and needing fixing.

Each of us is in this life together with a different story. For me, I walked the path of dis-ease and depression for 35 years and journeyed back to the land of the living, so I know it is possible to reclaim a much better feeling life experience.

I-Am Perfectly Healthy offers ideas and products to assist with specific health issues. The goal is to stimulate thinking in the desire for everyone to have a better feeling life experience than we have ever allowed before. While perusing this site, take a breath and simply pay attention to whatever feels better. You will likely find some useful ideas; but do remember that no one has all of your answers and this is exactly how it should be.

Take whatever information that resonates with you, and discuss this with your health expert. The more informed you are, the better questions you will ask, as you make decisions regarding what are the best avenues to reaching your goals.

Remember go easy, peezy on yourself. You do not have to have everything perfectly figured out - whatever "perfect" is. If there was one" right way" to go, we would all be reading one book and all the experts would agree - but they don't.

The best place to BE is following your intuition and choosing whatever you feel will help you.
The key to the kingdom is feeling better and Nothing Is More Important Than That !

All the best to you FOR SURE!

Think the Thoughts
"I-Am Perfectly Healthy"
often throughout the day
until it becomes a belief that is true for you.

© Maryanne Maldonado, I-Am Perfectly Healthy.com