Next Steps

Other Ideas to Consider

Eat the foods that feel good to eat.
If this is a cookie with a cup of coffee ~ Enjoy every bit.
If this is a bag of cookies and a pot of coffee, then eat and drink very slowly and stop as soon as it no longer feels like a good idea.

  • DRINKING GOOD QUALITY WATER flushes the body of toxins, used up minerals and other waste. So consider drinking lots of it. In out opinion distilling is the best at removing 99.9% of the toxins in water. Distilling also removes the minerals. Therefore, you should add one heaping tsp of Concentrace Minerals to every gallon of water you distill OR add AlkaLife pH Booster drops, bringing the water pH to 9.5. Other ideas for bringing minerals, vitamins and nutrients to the cells of the body are offered below.

If you feel overwhelmed, as all of us do some of the time, perhaps you will find one of the suggestions offered below to be in alignment with where you are today. So we suggest start by making one change at a time or maybe two changes. You don't have to do everything, unless that feels like a great idea to you.

  • IntraMax - Potent Liquid Vitamin Supplement with 415 Ingredients - Organic
    A top notch very well made cold processed liquid vitamin/mineral supplement that enters the bloodstream quickly. The minerals and vitamins are very well absorbed into the cells in minutes.
  • Juicing
    Alkalizing green drinks - juicing raw vegetables + adding spirulina powder (and add Pure Synergy Powder) will be very beneficial in faster cleansing and re-mineralizing the cells. These items together are potent sources of phytonutrients, betacarotene, chlorophyll and mega doses of vitamins and minerals - alkalinizing the body as well. If you can't juice the raw vegetables, then add the spirulina and Pure Synergy to your smoothie, yogurt or most anything you are drinking.
  • Minerals from Mother Earth
    Potent minerals that move directly into the cells quickly. Personally my body was depleted and needed mega doses of minerals. I was juicing raw vegetables for a good year and I also supplemented with teaspoons a day of calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, manganese, selenium and even some copper. Mother Earth Minerals are held under the tongue and absorbed sublingually into the body, through the vein under the tongue, instead of via the digestive system. With Mother Earth brand taking each mineral individually 60+ seconds apart will work well.

    A hair analysis can help you determine what specific minerals your body needs.

  • Antioxidants
    There are many produce items that are high in antioxidants. Potent antioxidants will remove free radicals and oxidative stress.
    When looking for a strong antioxidant to speed up the neutralizing of the free radicals consider B17. These are powerful at detoxifying unhealthy cells in the body. Do an on-line search for "B17 and how it works in the body." A very good product to know about.
  • Digestion
    Take digestive enzymes approximately 5 to 10 minutes prior to meals. This signals the body to prepare for digesting the food coming. By the time we are in our early thirties we generally have little to no naturally occurring enzymes in the body to digest our protein, carbohydrates and fats, which means the nutrients eaten are not breaking down well enough in our stomach for us to digest and/or assimilate. Over time this makes a big difference!

  • Weight Management - For those who have challenges with weight management, there is a very good chance your body is highly deficient in vitamins and minerals and not producing hydrochloric acid or digesting food. Do check with a nutritional consultant to assist you with this. Intramax would be a product to consider. Devigest, whenever you eat and do take in green drinks that are predigested foods such as the green powders suggested above.

  • When we are eating produce, plant based foods or good organic green drinks, these are already predigested, therefore one does not need digestive enzymes in that meal or snack. When eating solid foods/meals take two Devigest, and with snacks take one Devigest just prior to eating.

  • Tissue and Celllular Support
    There is a product that helps maintain healthy tissues and cells in the body called StemEnhance. StemEnhance helps trigger millions of healthy cells to move out of our bone marrow into circulation where they seek to neutralize unhealthy cells. Other ingredients in the product are beneficial for maintaining telomere length which supports healthy cells.


These products are not meant to diagnose‚ treat, prevent or cure any disease or medical condition. Please consult your health practitioner before using these products if you have any concerns.