Red Desert Clay and Mercury Amalgams

Red Desert Clay And Mercury Amalgams

Customer Question:
Good evening, I received my Red Desert Clay today and after reading the information about mercury amalgams I am concerned about using it. I have many fillings that probably have mercury. What guidance would you give me. Thank you -- (Name removed for privacy)


Mercury and Eating Red Desert Clay -

The Red Desert clay when eaten moves into the bloodstream to the cells, binding to such things as mercury, heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides and other pathogens helping to move them safely out of the body.

We personally do not have clinical studies or scientific data on each pathogen; however if the clay were to come in contact with ones teeth containing a mercury amalgam, yes it appears it would remove some of the mercury from that tooth. We don't know exactly what that would look or feel like over time as we do not conduct studies. One option is taking the Red Desert clay tablets.

Yet … some of our customers who want to avoid the clay powder coming in contact with mercury amalgams will make thick mud out of the clay (peanut butter consistency) and wipe this on the back of the tongue - and then drink a glass of water. All that matters is that the clay gets into the body and this might work well to bypass amalgams.

Your dentist might be helpful here. There are some dentists who are amazing and completely understand the situation of mercury fillings and what to do to remove them safely - and then there are other dentists who absolutely disagree with this being a health concern.

On another note, many years ago, a holistic dentist gave me a video which used a special camera to show how the body becomes exposed to mercury. This was my first visual of what the mercury vapors looked like as they leak from amalgam fillings and then bio accumulate into the tissues of the body over the years. This video is not the exact one I viewed - yet it visually explains the concern with this issue. Click here to watch.

Many, many older adults still have mercury amalgams and some of them are wonderful friends of mine. Not everyone feels the need to remove their amalgams and so they carry on with their life feeling just fine.

For those who are interested in reducing the bio-accumulation of mercury and heavy metals, here is a product to assist with this that we love - Red Desert Clay.