ParaMax ~  Eliminate yeast, parasites,  Plus intestinal cleansing

ParaMax ~ Eliminate yeast, parasites, Plus intestinal cleansing

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Product Details

Cleansing with Paramax

Very Good Combination of Herbs

The idea with this two part intestinal cleansing system is ~

  • 17 ingredients to eliminate parasites (and their eggs), parasitic worm infections in the digestive system, killing many pathogens including bacteria and for cleansing the intestinal tract.
  • Often helps with weightloss as internal cleansing stimulates the body to release excess fat
  • Supports healthy intestinal function
  • Candida yeast eliminating ingredients
  • Beneficial for those with indigestion and gastro-intestinal distress
  • Promotes a positive balance of intestinal microbes

Gentle, yet strong. ParaMax is an effective herbal formula that is gentler on the body than most conventional treatments. Many people have found relief from digestive issues, skin issues, joint and muscle pain, brain fog and forgetfulness by doing a cleanse with ParaMax.

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Deeper Cleanse

  • Eliminating parasites more completely from the body one will usually need 2-3 cycles of a parasite cleanse. One box of ParaMax lasts two weeks. Take a 5 day break and then start the 2nd cleanse.
  • Also parasites reproductive cycle follows the moon cycle so it is optimum to start between the time frame of 4 days before the full moon- 4 days after the full moon.

Instructions for Taking ParaMax

For the first 3 days, take 1 capsule of ParaMax I and 7 drops of ParaMax II three times daily. After three days, take 2 capsules of ParaMax I and 1 dropper full of ParaMax II three times daily (for the remaining 12 days). After this initial 15-day period, stop taking ParaMax for 5 days. Resume taking ParaMax I and II for 15 days (for a total of 35 days). Be sure to drink plenty of clean water during the cleanse (8 glasses per day are recommended). The complete ParaMax program may be repeated for up to 3 consecutive months.

Additional Suggestions

  • Probiotics & Immune System supplements

It is highly suggested one takes probiotics to re-establish the beneficial flora.
Syntol or PB formula are good choices for probiotcs to rebuild the intestinal flora.

Host Defense is one of our favorite formulas for boosting the immune system as well as GlycoBalance.  These can be taken with food while doing a parasite cleanse or if you prefer immediately after the cleanse.

  • Red Desert Clay

Red Desert clay - to help absorb the toxins from the parasites. After you are on the cleanse and all is going well, take 1 tsp of the clay at least 90 minutes before or after food, supplements and herbs. You can take the clay with just water or put the clay in a shake with psyllium husks for fiber.

Are you Super Sensitive Consider ½ dosage over a 4 week period. You can purchase a 2nd box and repeat when you are ready.

Medications For those taking medications, ask your pharmacist, doctor or health consultant for any possible contradictions before using.

ParaMax contains Cape Aloe. This products is FREE of yeast, wheat, corn, soy, gluten, salt, sugar, dairy, animal products, binders, fillers or artificial ingredients. The source raw materials are thoroughly screened to be free of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals any other chemicals.

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NOTE Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult your physician before using this or any product if you are trying to conceive‚ taking medication or have a medical condition. Not for prolonged use. Do not exceed recommended dose.

Notice Discontinue if abdominal pain‚ nausea or vomiting occur‚ unless directed by your physician. DO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE OR DEVELOP ABDOMINAL PAIN‚ DIARRHEA OR LOOSE STOOLS. Notice: This product contains cape aloe. Please read and follow directions carefully.

Video of a Parasite!

- disguised as a brain tumor -

This video shows surgery to remove a brain tumor.

However, during surgery, the tumor turned out to be a large parasitic worm