Candisol + Syntol

Candisol + Syntol

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    An Excellent Combination

    Candisol (120 caps)   PLUS   Syntol (180 Caps)

    immediately starts removing the excess yeast by breaking down and digesting the hard yeast wall

    Candisol information page>>

    Syntol 180
    a probiotic and prebiotic formula + yeast cleansing enzymes

    Syntol information page here>>

    The best product we have found to break down and digest the cell wall of most candida strains PLUS excellent formula to replace the beneficial intestinal flora. It is very important to restore the beneficial flora in the intestines at the same time as removing the excess yeast overgrowth.

    Highly suggested is to add Red Desert® Clay for removing toxins from the cells and boosting the immune system function along with Natural Calm Magnesium powder to move the bowels so all flushes out easily, every day while you are cleansing.

    More info about eliminating yeast infections>>

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