D-Fuze - Cell Phone Radiation Filter

D-Fuze - Cell Phone Radiation Filter

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D-Fuze™ "Cell Phone Radiation Filter"

The MOST Absorbent Cell Phone Filter Available

    Cells phones emit electromagnetic fields very close to the body.

D-Fuze helps protect the brain by counteracting the negative effects of the radiation from cell phones, routers, microwaves, computers etc.

Adheres to:

  • cell phones or cell phone case
  • ipad, laptop or computer
  • routers - the Russian scientist who developed this technology suggests a minimum of 2 filters for routers
  • microwaves
  • hairdryers

FCC warning about wireless devices:

Easy to apply ~ wafer thin ~ breathe a sigh of relief as the EMF's are diffused away!


D-FUZE is the MOST absorbent filter on the market. It has been SAR-tested - SAR stands for specific absorption rate of radiation - proven and certified by a government-sanctioned lab. And it is the only cell phone filter infused with Vital Force Technology™

    In this scenario, consider not adhering the patch to your phone or case, but taping the patch to the back. In the coming weeks when the new phone is purchased, you     can then remove the paper backing and adhere to the cell phone or case.

Should I be concerned about cell phone radiation? Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMFs) that radiate from your cell phone…and the cell phones of your children and grandchildren - could potentially have serious, long-term effects on health and safety. It has been widely reported in the media that EMFs produced by electronic devices may have adverse effects on human health and safety. Scientists, doctors and public health officials are concerned and so are consumers. Everything in the scientific literature is pointing to erring on the side of safety by taking action.

Do I need D-FUZE™?   D-FUZE protects your body by diffusing EMFs to lower the specific absorption rate (SAR) of this radiation.
What is the technology behind D-FUZE?   D-FUZE is the only cell phone filter infused with Vital Force Technology™.
Has D-FUZE been lab tested?   Yes. It has been SAR-tested, proven and certified by a government-sanctioned laboratory.
What is SAR?   Specific absorption rate (SAR) is a measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed by the human body when exposed to a radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic field.

Certificate of Compliance AND R & D Clinical Research -- The only cell phone filter certified by a government sanctioned laboratory.

Brain Mapping - Vital Force Technology

Dr. Yury Kronn, PhD is the pioneer and one of the leading researchers and theoreticians who headed up the team that developed Vital Force Technology™ which is high frequency electromagnetic vibrations, laser physics and nonlinear optics.

Dr. Kronn - Healing the body with subtle energy - how it works>>

Dr. Kronn is a world renowned research scientist, inventor, theoretician, Human Rights activist and organizer. Dr. Kronn was educated at one of the world's premier schools in the area of the physics of nonlinear vibrations, Gorky University (former USSR), and earned his Post Doctorate degree at Russia's leading Research Institute, Lebedev's Institute of Physics, Moscow.

He was a lecturer and Adjunct Professor of Moscow University, Physics and Technical Institute. He taught Bachelor and Doctorate students in a variety of courses in nonlinear optics, quantum electronics and quantum mechanics. He has been dedicated to researching and refining these applications and to advancing the understanding of subtle energies.

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