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Free VelociTEA detox tea. Purchase a 1 month supply and receive one free packet.

***One FREE Packet / Makes 1 gallon (one weeks supply) of Detox TEA.

Potent and effective. Drinking VelociTea daily is excellent for:

  • Detoxifying for the liver, colon, entire digestive tract
  • Removing the accumulation of medications, drugs or other wastes in the body tissues
  • Relieving most constipation as it cleanses
  • Calming for the liver

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  • Limit one FREE packet per customer, per household, per address.
  • While Supplies last.


***Temporary Price Breaks***

Red Desert Clay TABLETS

$2 to $10 off per bottle

Moves into the bloodstream, attaches to toxins at the cellular level

  • Binds to many toxins, man-made chemicals and more...
  • Absorbs radiation
  • Binds to mercury, chemicals, heavy metals, aluminum, lead, arsenic, cadmium, pesticides… exhaust fumes etc.

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Probiotic Formulas    $10 to $14 off

Practitioners blend combining excellent strains
  with double the active cultures.

PB 12/30 - $39   $29
PB 15/50 - $48   $38
MAXIMUM Strength 15/100 - $62   $48


$5 off all items below.    MUST USE Coupon Code:   $5off-Special

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"While Supplies Last"
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Adrenal Support System

Host Defense

IntestiMax with N-acetyl D-glucosamine

Super Critical Omega