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Restoring our Adrenals – Overcoming Fatigue – Part 1

Tired, Fatigued, Worn Out?

Want to feel better?

  1. Anxiety, worry, overwhelm are experienced by most of us at some point in our lives.
  2. Some of us are doing very little and still feeling tired and fatigued.
  3. Others are working long hours or striving for bigger and better and feeling worn out, but can’t make it okay to slow down.
  4. Sometimes we mask our powerlessness by keeping busy because “if I slow down and feel what is going on inside, everything will fall apart.”

A, C and D were all part of my story of stress and fatigue stemming from chronic worry and anxiety.  Even when I connected the dots as to why I was so fatigued, it took time to make changes in my life. Initially I needed some powerful supplemental support during the process.

Drinking coffee and eating chocolate is how I kept myself perky and looking successful to the rest of the world.  Behind closed doors I was depressed and run down.  The years of sugar and coffee further depleted my adrenals as well as my vitamin and mineral reserves.

In my 40’s, I received some serious diagnoses and I could no longer pretend or easily hide my exhaustion.   All was now showing up powerfully in my physical body.  This was a defining moment and I chose to wake up.

Depressed and angry, I got on the band wagon and successfully detoxified excess cancer cells, systemic yeast and a host of other pathogens throughout my body.  I also needed to restore my depleted adrenals and vitamin/minerals reserves.  Adrenal Support and IntraMax were two items that gave my body restorative support along with juicing and giving up sugar and caffeine for a good while.

Eventually I slowed down enough to feel those unwanted emotions that terrified me.  I did this little by little over years because it was all overwhelming and I had great resistance to being vulnerable.   What would others think if they knew how helpless and frightened I felt instead of the strength I projected?  None of that matters anymore!

The adrenals are affected by what we think and feel.  However, as the old thoughts of worry and stress fall away, the adrenals self heal and function as they were meant to.  For Adrenal Support or IntraMax check out i-amperfectlyhealthystore.com

Part 2 – Reducing Anxiety and Worry


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